Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Surprise!

Tomatoes and hydroponics. Sure they go together. Strawberries and hydroponics, too. But roses and hydroponics? I wouldn't have guessed! Let me back up and explain what I am talking about.

Last May, I ordered a bareroot hybrid tea rose from Jackson and Perkins, the name of which is 'Welcome Home'. It originally was ordered as a gift for someone. Yellow happens to be my favorite color of rose, too!

It arrived in June, I put it in a bucket of water planning to send it on to it's intended final destination in a couple of days. Well, while "on the way to my shoes" I got busy and did not get it prepped to send. And it sat in the bucket of water. Although it sat right where I frequently walked, it was as if I didn't see it. My dad emptied the bucket and refilled it with fresh water every once in awhile but it remained in usually green, slimy water, neglected. I didn't really want it but didn't know what to do with it (my friends don't like roses).

Until . . .

The day before yesterday.

As I exited the back door on the way to my swimming pool, a spot of yellow caught my eye. Wonder of all wonders, that ROSE IN THE OLD BUCKET was blooming! The bush had leafed out nicely and produced three blooms! Granted they are smaller than what they should be, I was startled that it grew and produced leaves much less flowers of any size!

That tenacious rosebush is an inspiration to me! If it can suffer extreme neglect and harsh growing conditions and still bloom, cannot I do the same when my life mirrors that of the rose in the bucket?

I am going to plant that rose.

In a place of honor and where it can be seen daily, by everyone. Right by my front door. No longer will it languish by the back door.

In all my years of growing plants, never would I have guessed roses can be grown in water. Curious, I looked up roses and hydroponics on the internet and apparently, there are people doing it as you may see by the references in the following links:

Growing Beautiful Roses

An Innovative Mix: Roses, Hydroponics, and Computers

I find it fascinating that it can be done and I'd previously had no clue! Though the special meaning for me lies in the fact that mine has given me a lesson in survival, inspired me and radiates optimism.

It is more than a 'Welcome Home' rose, it is a rose of hope . . . a survivor.
Just like me.