Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On the Way to My Shoes

"What does THAT mean?" you might ask. It is a phrase often chuckled about that relates to an event a number of years ago and is accurately indicative of what happens when I become deep in thought.

Several years ago, I received a telephone call asking me to meet someone to which I replied I just needed to put my shoes on and would be there in five minutes. Almost an hour later, I'd still not yet arrived at my destination. For you see, on the way to my shoes, I became distracted by something I was thinking about and was so deep in thought, I forgot about the meeting and instead went on to deal with the issue I had begun reflecting on. It was only when reminded by a phone call from the person I was supposed to meet, that I recalled where I was supposed to be and apologized stating that "something happened on the way to my shoes". Yes, I continue to be distracted by my thoughts as I muse, reflect, ponder and meditate on the questions, situations and challenges that surround me on a daily basis.

As I think on these things, I've begun to write them down and have decided to put them here as a means of sharing, with those that might be interested, what lies close to my heart. I welcome your perspective and sharing of ideas in the hopes that each may be moved, inspired, comforted and enlightened by learning from one another.

I encourage you to remember to slow down in this fast-paced world, to pause and reflect on the mysteries of this life, the experiences that happen, the uncertainties we face and our hopes for the future . . . while on the way to your shoes.

And maybe, just maybe in the process, we might be able to lift someone up, be of help to someone, along the way.

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Garden Wise Guy said...

Pretty much what I thought...very sweet and mysterious. Sometimes those synapses fire in strange directions.

Later, skater.

PS: Word Verification: gueet (as in "meet and gueet"? Composed by BaBa WaWa?