Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Power of Words

Both spoken and unspoken.

There is infinite power in words.

They are used to hurt and hide:

     "I haven't loved you in months." (even though he told me he did)

     "Your definition of intimacy is apparently different than mine."

They are used to denigrate value:

     "The way you feel is wrong."

Words are also used to project the owners feelings onto one whom it does not apply:

     "You lack the commitment to make this work because of time and distance."

They are used to justify physical abuse:

     "If you would just shut up and do what I say, this wouldn't happen."

The absence of words is just as powerful, and send an unspoken message.  A picture, an action, is worth a thousand words.  To absolve oneself of responsibility:

     Communication and honesty are only essential if you mattered to me.

     You are okay enough when I'm between women I really want.


The spoken and unspoken.

Today, a word was used that made my day positively radiate, and created a smile that reached to the very core of my being . . . to my heart.  My friend probably did not even possess a clue as to the value the word would have.  In the signing-off of a message, a friend called me princess.  


That one word had the ability to wipe away pain caused by so many others who do not know, in their hearts, this divine wisdom:

"Therefore encourage one anther and build each other up,  just as in fact you are doing.  1 Thess. 5:11

How will you use your words today?  Or how will you use your silence?  Or that action that is worth 1000 of those words?  It matters.  If you don't believe it . . .

Ask Princess.

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